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The Role of Stress and Anxiety in Cold Feet Syndrome

The Role of Stress and Anxiety in Cold Feet Syndrome

Cold feet syndrome, characterized by a persistent sensation of coldness in the feet, is a condition that affects many people. While it is often attributed to physical factors like poor circulation or environmental conditions, the role of stress and anxiety in exacerbating or even causing cold feet is significant yet frequently overlooked. This article explores […]

Fly-In Comfort Not Pain: Traveling Tips

Flight discomfort

We all know the travel drill — the packing, planning, hiring the dog sitter, finding someone to water, heading to the airport, trudging through baggage check, waiting for the flight. And then you get on the plane, hoping to relax, maybe get some shut-eye. But you’re cramped, your neighbor is chatty, there’s nowhere to rest your head, the food is, well, airplane food. And after a few hours, you just can’t sit anymore. Your legs are stiff and spasming. Your neck gets a crick. And then the headache comes on.

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