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Lavender- The Scent of Healing

A native of the Mediterranean region, lavender is a flowering plant that is recognized far and wide due to its unique hue and distinct aroma. This fragrant flower has a demonstrated history in herbal medicine- its earliest record dates back to ancient Egypt, where the lavender extracts were put to use in the process of […]

Valentine’s Full Relief Treatment Deal- The Ultimate Package of Warmth and Love

It’s that month of the year again- the time for expressing warm feelings and wrapping your favorite people in a tight embrace of love and care. This year, Nature Creation has decided to make the month of love even lovelier for our dear customers with special offers and exclusive discounts! Our best offer for the […]

Everything you need to know about Aromatherapy Eye Masks

Everything you need to know about Aromatherapy Eye Masks

The world today is digital- from work to leisure, the greater part of our routine activities involve staring at the screen of some electronic device or the other. As such, it is important to give our eyes a good rest at the end of the day. Since getting 8 hours of sleep at night is […]

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