SensaCare® Relaxation Series

The SensaCare Relaxation Advantages


  • Multipurpose application – hot therapy + cold therapy + aromatherapy  in each product.
  • Includes Luxurious Fleece Cover – for extra comfort, enhanced durability & easy cleaning.
  • Smart designs  – for maximum efficacy & extra comfort.
  • Premium Aromatherapy blends with 50% more active herbs. (100% natural). 
  • Superior hot & cold retention
  • Reusable & easy to use.

SensaCare® Relaxation Series

Luxurious natural therapy packs

SensaCare® Relaxation products combine the benefits of hot & cold therapy with aromatherapy. Hot & Cold therapy relieve pain and aches. The soothing aroma promotes relaxation, relieves tension and reduces the stress. Our reusable hot & cold packs filled with a premium blend of herbs and grains and are 100% natural. They are ergonomically designed to conform to the musculature and joints of the body assuring optimal therapeutic benefit.

Treat yourself to the luxuries & benefits of a spa, and feel stress & tension melt away.