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HP Solutions® – Plushy Microwave Heating Pads
with Soothing Lavender Aroma.

HP Solutions® lavender microwave heating pads are lightweight and easy to use with wonderfully plush fabric on one side and soft cotton on the other. Our heating packs are warming, comforting & gentle to the touch! HP Solutions heating pads are professionally designed to contour any area and distribute heat evenly for ideal pain relief such as sore muscles, achy joints, injuries, arthritis, tendinitis, tension, stress, headaches & much more.

Lavender flowers & rice filling creates a fresh, pleasant lavender scent with a calming effect and helps relieve tension & stress headaches (*The lavender aroma is optional).

Key Feature: Heat & Cold Therapy combined with soothing lavender aroma; 1 side cotton for extra heat & 1 side plushy fleece for extra comfort.
Filling ingredients: Rice, flaxseed & lavender flowers.
Materials/Fabric: Plushy fleece & 100% cotton.

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