Sleep Better Lavender Eye Masks For Everyone – Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

  • Ideal for cold therapy
  • Aromatherapy benefits – relaxing lavender scent
  • Conforms easily around the eyes and forehead
  • Includes elastic band that fits all sizes
  • Effectively keeps all light out
  • Easy to use! Just freeze for cold therapy
  • All natural, reusable, made in USA
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Sleep Better Lavender Eye Mask - My Heating Pad™

Sleep Better Lavender Eye Mask - My Heating Pad™

Sleep Better Lavender Eye Mask - My Heating Pad™

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My Heating Pad (MHP) Sleep Better Lavender Eye Mask effectively and naturally relieves Puffy Eyes, Headaches, Insomnia, Bruises, and more. It fits comfortably around the eyes and forehead area while an elastic strap keeps it in place. The product is filled with a 100% natural blend of Lavender flowers and Flax seed – simply Chill in the Freezer for Cold Therapy.

Lavender Flower is known to have a calming effect and can often replace modern medicine for sleep issues such as insomnia. The calming scent makes an excellent tonic for nerves and anxiety issues and can also be helpful in relieving migraines, headaches, nervous tension, and emotional stress. The refreshing aroma and uplifting qualities of the Lavender Flower rejuvenate your skin and help relieve and refresh your tired, puffy eyes and the dark circles underneath the eyes. When placed next to your pillow the lavender flowers give off a gentle fragrance that, according to medical studies, acts as a mild and soothing Sedative for promoting sleep. This remarkable eye mask also serves as an aromatherapy pad to relieve stress and tension. We are eager for you to use and Enjoy this product!

Cool in the freezer to:

  • Reduce puffiness around the eyes
  • Relieve minor headaches
  • Relieve sunburns
  • Help lessen insomnia
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Promote overall relaxation


Product size: Approximately 7.5'' L x 4.0'' H x 0.75'' W

Applications: Hot / Moist / Cold

Material/ Fabric: 100% Cotton & Fleece

Filling Ingredients: Rice

Warranty – 12 month manufacturer warranty.

Proudly made in


Take your hot/cold pack out of the package used hot, moist or cold.


Heat or Freez as directed


Wrap around the desired area



Apply the Cold Sleep Better Lavender Eye Mask to the designated area.  Be sure to remove the paper and plastic packaging.  Follow the instructions below as needed. IMPORTANT: DO NOT apply Essential Oils to Eye Mask.

Cold Therapy Only:  Chill product in the freezer in a tightly sealed plastic zip lock bag for two hours.

Product Storage:  Store product in a tightly sealed plastic zip lock bag in the freezer when not in use. This ensures longer preservation and allows you to use as Cold Therapy immediately.

Cleaning Instructions:  Simply wipe the fabric with a damp towel or baby wipes.  Do Not wash or soak product in water as it will ruin the filling ingredients.

The Benefits Of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses essential oils which can be extracted from flowers, seeds, barks, herbs, and roots. While there is not much evidence to support its effectiveness in treating or preventing any illness, there are several clinical studies that have found it to be an effective complimentary therapy method.

We use herbs to create soothing aroma for overall relaxation and stress relief.




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I wanted to express how much I love your products. I have been purchasing one for myself every year in the late fall and they are scattered throughout my home and my mother’s home. I have arthritis, and frequently use your product for pain relief. I also have a very hard time staying warm in the winter and your product keeps me warm when I’m uncomfortable from the cold. Most importantly, the aromatherapy is a huge stress reliever and sleep aid! I call my Nature Creation products “toasties” and I am absolutely in love with them! Thank you for all your hard work in creating them!

Lilly Hubschman