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  • Multipurpose application: hot, moist or cold
  • 100% natural
  • Reusable
  • Simple to use
  • Machine washable
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Hot Pockets™ - 3 Pockets Style

Hot Pockets™ - 3 Pockets Style

Hot Pockets™ - 3 Pockets Style

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Pamper your family and friends with our Hot Pockets – 3 Pockets Style packs and get a pampering quantity discount from us! A $59.95 SAVING on our Hot Pockets – 3 Pockets Style packs for everyone bundle.

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Hot Pockets – 3 Pockets Style is a great comfort around your neck and shoulders and a great natural solution for those with perpetually cold hands and feet. Use Hot Pockets for hot or cold on a tennis elbow or aching knee. Relax with warmed Hot Pockets under the small of your back. While waiting to fall asleep, let the heat from Hot Pockets penetrate a congested throat or chest. Finally, to relieve those monthly cramps lay warmed Hot Pockets in your lap.

Heat in the microwave to:

Cool in the freezer to:

  • Relieve stiff neck (sore neck)
  • Relieve shoulder pain
  • Relieve lower back pain
  • Relieve menstrual cramps
  • Relieve minor joint pain
  • Warm-up
  • Relieve joint & tendon pain
  • Relieve accute muscle pain
  • Relieve sprains & reduce swelling
  • Relieve bruises
  • Relieve burns (including sunburns)
  • Cool down


Product size: Approximately 6'' W x 21'' L

Applications: Hot / Moist / Cold

Material/ Fabric: 100% Cotton Fabric

Filling Ingredients: Rice & Flaxseed

Warranty – 12 month manufacturer warranty.

Proudly made in


Take your hot/cold pack out of the package used hot, moist or cold.


Heat or Freez as directed


Wrap around the desired area



Contains 3 rice pouches in separate pockets for even distribution of heat and cold

Heating Instructions:

  • Heat in Microwave oven only. Do not use conventional oven.
  • Be sure oven is clean, previous spills may cause burns or ignition.
  • 2 Minutes is enough!  Heating time may vary among ovens, heat the first time for only 1 minute. Heat no more than 2 minutes at one time!
  • Test temperature of Hot Pockets before using.
  • Reheat as needed.

Stays warm for about 25 minutes.

Freezing Instruction:

  • Enclose in a plastic bag.
  • Put in the freezer overnight for a cold pack that remains dry and pliable.

Stays cold for about 15 minutes.

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Remove Inner rice pouches before laundering.
  • Only the outer covering is washable.
  • Follow the instruction as appears on the laundry label which sewed to the outer covering.
  • To clean the rice pouches wipe them with wet cloth.
  • Do not soak the rice pouches and do not get them wet.

Recommended Storage: 

  • Place in plastic bag and store in the freezer.
  • The pack will be ready to use when cold is needed.
  • If heat is required, place in the microwave and heat it as needed.


The Benefits Of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses essential oils which can be extracted from flowers, seeds, barks, herbs, and roots. While there is not much evidence to support its effectiveness in treating or preventing any illness, there are several clinical studies that have found it to be an effective complimentary therapy method.

We use herbs to create soothing aroma for overall relaxation and stress relief.



2 reviews for 3 Pockets Style for Everyone – Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

  1. Sylvia Bulkley

    5 out of 5

    My entire family uses these sandbags every night. We place them on our heads and over our eyes. The weight of the bag helps relax you along with the darkness it provides. They are awesome!! Buy them! You will not regret it.

  2. Toni Parkins

    5 out of 5

    I’ve had the neck wrap which I use on my back too, and the sinus pack for grandchildren’s little booboo’s…..and have had it for years now! Still has lavendar smell even. Love this product. Very well made, great gifts!

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“The aromatherapy fills the air around me and smells so good. Make sure you get a cover which feels so soft around my neck. Helps with the pain from my arthritis and herniated disks. The customer service is one of the best experiences I have ever had with a company and are there to help with any questions or concerns. They actually listen when you talk. Thank you Ella & Liza. I will recommend this product to all my old broken down friends”

Ron Barry

“I was amazed how well they worked on my legs and back”

Ben Rud