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My Heating Pad – Rice Microwave Heating Pads
For Hot & Cold Therapy

My Heating Pad microwavable heating pads are rice-filled hot & cold packs with the option to have it with lavender scent – upgrading the pack, adding aromatic benefits. They are effective natural pain relief solutions used for relieving neck & shoulder pain, backaches, joint pain, and much more. Simply, heat them in the microwave for Heat Therapy or chill them in the freezer for Cold Therapy.

These microwave rice packs are made of soft fleece on one side for extra comfort and 100% cotton on the other (for extra heat). They can also be used to keep warm and cozy during a cold winter or to stay cool during a hot summer.

Key Feature: 1 side fleece for extra comfort & 1 side cotton for extra heat with an optional Lavender Aroma
Filling ingredients: Rice & flaxseed.
Materials/Fabric: Fleece & 100% cotton.

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