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HTP Relief – Microwave Heating Pads For Hot & Cold Therapy
with soothing cloves aroma for stress relief

HTP Relief offers a variety of aromatic microwave heating pads and cold packs with a soothing ‘SPAish’ aroma made of a blend of cloves and lavender. Microwavable heating pads for hot & cold therapy combined with aromatherapy is an incredible growing concept to help maintain a more healthy, active, and natural lifestyle.

Lavender flowers & rice filling creates a fresh, pleasant lavender scent with a calming effect and helps relieve tension & stress headaches (*The lavender aroma is optional).

Key Feature:Heat & Cold Therapy combined with soothing herbal aroma; 1 side fleece for extra comfort & 1 side cotton for extra heat.
Filling ingredients: Rice, flaxseed, lavender flowers & cloves.
Materials/Fabric: Fleece & 100% cotton.

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