Knee Pain Relief – Suggestion Of Remedies


Knee Pain Relief – Suggestion Of Remedies

Knee PainKnee pain is an extremely com­mon com­plaint, and there are many causes. It is impor­tant to make an accu­rate diag­no­sis of the cause of your symp­toms so that appro­pri­ate knee pain relief treat­ment can be directed at the cause. If you have knee pain, some com­mon causes include Arthri­tis, Car­ti­lage Injuries (Menis­cal Tear), Patel­lar Ten­donitis, Chon­dro­ma­la­cia Patella, Dis­lo­cat­ing Kneecap, Baker’s Cyst & Bur­si­tis.


Knee Pain Relief Treat­ments

Treat­ment of knee pain depends entirely on the cause of the prob­lem. There­fore, it is of utmost impor­tance that you under­stand the cause of your symp­toms before embark­ing on a treat­ment pro­gram. If you are unsure of your diag­no­sis, or the sever­ity of your con­di­tion, you should seek med­ical advice before begin­ning any treat­ment plan. Some com­mon knee pain relief treat­ments are listed here. Not all of these treat­ments are appro­pri­ate for every condition, but they may be help­ful in your situation.

  • Rest – The first treat­ment for most com­mon con­di­tions that cause knee pain is to rest the joint, and allow the acute inflam­ma­tion to sub­side. Often this is the only step needed to relieve knee pain. If the symp­toms are severe, crutches may be help­ful as well.
  • Cold and Heat Appli­ca­tion – Heat & Cold applications are among the most com­monly used treat­ments for knee pain. They are non-invasive and effective for relieving the pain and discomfort. So which one is the right one to use, ice or heat? Cold application (Cold therapy) is recommended for acute pain, the first 48 hours of an injury and in cases of Inflammation. Heat application (Heat Therapy) is recommended for chronic pain, 48 after an injury and in cases of joint stiffness. Apply Nature Creation’s Knee & Elbow Pack hot or cold on your knee for an effective knee pain relief. It’s reusable and specially designed for optimal therapeutic benefits and maximum comfort.
  • Stretch­ing – Stretch­ing the mus­cles and ten­dons that sur­round the joint can help with some causes of knee pain. A good rou­tine should be estab­lished, and fol­low­ing some spe­cific sug­ges­tions will help you on your way.
  • Phys­i­cal Ther­apy – Phys­i­cal ther­apy is an impor­tant aspect of treat­ment of almost all ortho­pe­dic con­di­tions. Phys­i­cal ther­a­pists use dif­fer­ent tech­niques to increase strength, regain mobil­ity, and help return patients to their pre-injury level of activity.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Med­ica­tion – Non­s­teroidal anti-inflammatory med­ica­tions, com­monly referred to as NSAIDs, are some of the most com­monly pre­scribed med­ica­tions, espe­cially for patients with knee pain caused by prob­lems such as arthri­tis, bur­si­tis, and tendonitis.
  • Cor­ti­sone injec­tions – Cor­ti­sone is a pow­er­ful med­ica­tion that treats inflam­ma­tion, and inflam­ma­tion is a com­mon prob­lem in patients with knee pain. Dis­cuss with your doc­tor the pos­si­ble ben­e­fits of a cor­ti­sone injec­tion for your condition.


*This article is meant for basic informational purposes only. It is not intended to serve as medical advice, substitute for a doctor’s appointment or to be used for diagnosing or treating a disease. Users of this website are advised to consult with their physician before making any decisions concerning their health.


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