7 Natural Ways To Treat Sore Neck


7 Natural Ways To Treat Sore Neck
A Sore neck can be caused by a variety of things, including uncomfortable sleeping positions, injuries, and ergonomically lacking workstations. Here are some ways to treat sore neck:

  1. Exercise the muscles slowly – Slowly rotate your neck in a circular motion to help stretch out the agitated muscles. Exercise may be somewhat uncomfortable at first, but it ultimately contributes to alleviating the pain.
  2. Use a heating pad – Apply a heating pad for a couple of minutes to help to stimulate blood flow in your neck will reduce muscles stiffness, reduce pain and treat sore neck.
  3. Use an ice pack – Apply an ice pack to the affected area when suffering from a neck injury and will dull the pain, reduce inflammation and treat a sore neck.
  4. Soak with bath salts – Bath salts can help improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, and reduce stress. Experiment with different bath salt additives for added pain relief.
  5. Take a shower – Let the lukewarm to hot water run over your neck for at least four or five minutes. Keep your neck straight as you do this, and do not turn it.
  6. Use a neck brace to support the neck – Use a brace only if you feel your neck is unstable, and the pain is severe. To do this at home, roll up a bath towel and wrap around your neck so that your base of your skull rests on top of the towel. Sit in a comfortable position.
  7. Massage Therapy.
Treat sore neck

Heating pad for a sore neck relief

Bath salt to treat a sore neck

Bath Salt


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